A cupcake is born to a mustachioed mother. As it embarks on its journey, it is menaced by terrifying beings. Will the cupcake be destroyed, or metamorphose into something greater?

Happy Memories uses puppetry, stop motion, and human actors to create a colorful journey into the heart of life’s mysteries.

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Thomas Thorspecken Sketches 

Thomas Thorspecken is an ex-Disney animator who sketches happenings around Orlando. He drew us in the studio as we shot the sequence where the baby is transmuted into a silver cocoon and emerges as a full-grown, screaming Brian Feldman.



A certifiably insane piece of bizarre animation that may drive you insane if you watch it on any drug stronger than marijuana. You have been warned.
— The Nerdist
Then there’s the entertainingly gonzo “Happy Memories”, a stick-puppet horror with shades of both stop-motion maestro PES and Claymation nightmare vendor Robert Morgan.
— Austin Chronicle
...leaves you puzzled but engaged nonetheless. There’s also a good deal of humor to be found here, and that’s something that some of the greatest monster films in history have always included.
— Modern Horrors
It’s like all the craft supplies in an elementary school came to life and then, somehow, there was a cupcake god.
— Sinful Celluloid
...a hallucinatory experience that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, crammed full of surreal, psychedelic stop motion animation and puppetry.
— Pop Horror
Uhm, Happy Memories is weird. It’s interesting, that’s for sure, but weird. You just have to watch it.
— Bloody Disgusting
It’s about a freaking cupcake that has some growing up issues to deal with. I literally have nothing to say about this colorful, but back assward short film. 1 out of 5 shrouds.
— Horrornews
Happy Memories is… bizarre. It’s made with toy puppets; ... This is one of my favorite of the shorts in Monsterland. It made me squirm the most.
— Panic Film Fest
...honestly it’s like arts and crafts day if someone was on hallucinogenic drugs.
— Sci Fi Movie Page
Happy Memories is, per its title, truly memorable – production value is generally good and nothing can be accused of hanging around too long.
— Assignment X
I don’t know who was smoking what to make “Happy Memories,” but this is probably the stuff they were warning you about in all those DARE classes back in elementary school.
— Acidlogic