In 2010 I was awarded a United Arts of Central Florida grant to produce a pop-surrealist film called Happy Memories. I used puppetry, stop motion, motion graphics, and human actors to create a colorful journey into the heart of life’s mysteries.


Thomas Thorspecken Sketches 

Thomas Thorspecken is an ex-Disney animator who sketches happenings around Orlando. He drew us in the studio as we shot the sequence where the baby is transmuted into a silver cocoon and emerges as a full-grown, screaming Brian Feldman.



A certifiably insane piece of bizarre animation that may drive you insane if you watch it on any drug stronger than marijuana. You have been warned.
— The Nerdist
Then there’s the entertainingly gonzo “Happy Memories”, a stick-puppet horror with shades of both stop-motion maestro PES and Claymation nightmare vendor Robert Morgan.
— Austin Chronicle
...leaves you puzzled but engaged nonetheless. There’s also a good deal of humor to be found here, and that’s something that some of the greatest monster films in history have always included.
— Modern Horrors
It’s like all the craft supplies in an elementary school came to life and then, somehow, there was a cupcake god.
— Sinful Celluloid
...a hallucinatory experience that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, crammed full of surreal, psychedelic stop motion animation and puppetry.
— Pop Horror
Uhm, Happy Memories is weird. It’s interesting, that’s for sure, but weird. You just have to watch it.
— Bloody Disgusting
Happy Memories is… bizarre. It’s made with toy puppets; ... This is one of my favorite of the shorts in Monsterland. It made me squirm the most.
— Panic Film Fest
...honestly it’s like arts and crafts day if someone was on hallucinogenic drugs.
— Sci Fi Movie Page
Happy Memories is, per its title, truly memorable – production value is generally good and nothing can be accused of hanging around too long.
— Assignment X