A New Show Emerges!

I'm working on a new live show. It is called called Gorbo the Great Presents: The Tale of the Donkey's Head. Based on a Jewish folk tale about a magic donkey head that wants to marry the king's daughter, my adaptation will modernize and expand upon the old story.

The narrative framework will be laid out by Gorbo the Great, a giant entity from beyond. As Gorbo tells the story, scenes will grow from his head and characters will inhabit a surreal cartoonish modern dystopic setting. 

Here are some character designs:



Ada is the elderly woman who encounters the Donkey's head on the street. She is skeptical and resourceful, having had a life of hardship. 


The Donkey's head carries a powerful curse and a strange secret. He wishes to marry the President's daughter, and will stop at nothing to realize his dream.


The President is the supreme leader of the Free World. As a head floating in a nutrient bath, he is free to do what he loves most: watch TV and orchestrate a global military empire.